Short Snippet Sunday – Shadows Fall – 1

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Hey all!

Two posts in a row, look at me go!

I’m also starting in on editing proper and it’s not that scary at all! It’s a little daunting though, with how much is changing and being removed, but a lot is also being added. Maybe it’ll resemble a proper book when it’s done!

Anyway, this weeks snippet is from Shadows Fall  which WAS going to be my JulNoWriMo novel, and as such would be almost done if it weren’t for me finding an editor and getting a deadline for editing, but what can you do?


Around the sun’s zenith, someone took up a song; it was a song all knew by heart, whether they had been taught it or not. Gerald sung as loud as anyone, his voice surprisingly strong.

The drums of war are sounding the beat

to which we march our aching feet.

The hounds of hell are nipping our heels

waiting to rip us if we should fall.

We march for our wives

We fight for our daughters

Awaiting the day that He shall arrive

A fire bird rising from ashes

Who knows what horrors we shall find

But we cannot back down, we will never survive

Awaiting the day that He shall arrive

Our savior shall rise from the shadows.

He will deliver us from this darkness

but this cannot happen without a price.

From death and war he shall be forged

For peace and love will he fight.

Don’t critique too hard the poem/song. It was written while under the duress of a WriMo, remember.


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