Short Snippet Sunday – Shadows Fall – 2

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My self control is great today! Managed to get this post up before passing out in bed. Go me!

In case y’all haven’t noticed, I added links to my Twitter, e-mail, and my Facebook author page. You should follow me, “like” me and can email me anything. If I like it enough, I may even post it on my blog. If I get some writing/book related questions, I will probably do a FAQ page as well as answer them in a blog post! I look forward to hearing more from you guys. Spread the word! *ahem*

Twitch, Crow and she took a sling each and the knife she shoved through her belt. It wasn’t easy to hunt with stones from slings, but no one had managed any success in making a bow yet. They made due. In no time at all, they had bagged three squirrels and a bird that Crow had caught on a lucky throw. Spotting the nest a little ways away, Sparrow quickly scaled the tree and liberated the three eggs there.

“You should be ashamed, Crow. Killing family like that,” Twitch gave him a friendly nudge with his bare foot.

It’s not much, but it’s a glimpse into what their “normal” routine would be before it all goes to hell. I actually spend a lot more time developing that in Shadows Fall than I do in The Forsaken. The first three scenes in Shadows Fall are normal, then in the last scene shit goes down. But in The Forsaken shit happens right away. You get half a scene of “normal”.

Do you prefer a quick start to the conflict, or more drawn out when reading?


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