Interview Pt 1

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(Sorry guys! This is going up late I KNOW, but I’ve had very limited internet access for the past week and that will probably continue for the foreseeable future. Until I get a place and internet connection of my own. Anyway! Thanks bunches to K.R. Green and S.M. Boyce.)

SM Boyce interview: PART I


K. R. Green and myself interviewed the lovely S. M Boyce in April, and we’ve been getting our websites up to scratch ready to post it.


Our thirty minutes of chat about her books, published and in-progress, led to 4,000 words of transcript, so we’ve split it into four parts – two here, and two on K. R’s blog. This week, it’s over at her site!

Did you know that S. M. Boyce thinks blue cheese smells like feet, is a month younger than Harry Potter, wrote a story about a lonely pickle and that she doesn’t really drink hot drinks?

Then read on…

Go to Part I!


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