I’m Alive!

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I’ve been gone awhile. Yeah. Haven’t done much writing. *headdesk*

Anyway, dismissing all of that, I *am* back. And staying back and swearing to all that I hold dear that I will start writing again. And writing daily. I’ve restarted The Forsaken, and retitled it Hunters’ Reversed.

The story is changing, characters are changing, and it’s pretty much a new book.

I’ve started another one that is untitled at the moment, about a girl abducted and forced to fight (to the death) other versions of herself from alternate dimensions. Written first person from a journal they allow her to keep. If you have any ideas for a title get ahold of me, I’m lost!

Along with the title, I saw awhile back, a preview for a movie called Frankenstein. I loved the book. But it already irritates me. They call the creature Frankenstein. I hope they explain that.

However, despite the fact that that annoys me I hope to go see it, because it looks like an awesome idea.

Anyway! I’m back, fingers to the keyboard and awaiting all your harsh judgment for my lax behavior. *much chagrin*


One thought on “I’m Alive!

    kenthinksaloud said:
    February 12, 2014 at 3:09 am

    Good to see you back and good luck with the re-started book – I know just what that’s like!
    I saw the trailer for Frankenstein and thought much the same thing as you. I’m pretty certain they will explain it though – you can tell even from the trailer that they’ve done their homework and are building on the original ‘Prometheus Unbound’ itself 🙂

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