Words Written for July 11, 2014

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*shame face*

Yet again, I produced no words. And it pains me to say it, merely because I’m reporting to you all daily.


You must all make me a promise. You see that e-mail button there at the top right hand side?

If I ever go a day without a report, use it. Yell at me. Badger me. Beg, plead, and force me to continue doing so unless I have a valid excuse. Also, if I go three days with no words written. Send me encouragement. I need it.

So, I’ll end this with an announcement. Until further notice, I am no longer participating in WriMo’s of any kind. This may change in the far future, but for now. No more. I will write, and will aim for five hundred words a day, but I’m burned out of WriMo’s. Even if I only do two a year.

If you want an explanation, here it is. (If not, keep writing!)

WriMo’s tend to get people into a mindset of “This is the only time I should write.” And that’s not true. I, myself, have fallen to that mindset, putting my writing off until WriMo time.

However, I will still be active on the JulNo forums (cheyenne.r.trumbo is my username there) and the NaNo forums (Pardon me while I go figure out what that username is. Oh look, it’s C.R. Trumbo) during their respective times of the year. You can add me on either or both site and I will be your buddy!

And I believe this post has gone on long enough.

Keep Writing!


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