Short Snippet Sunday – TDtS 1

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Shortening the title of the book in the post title cuz it’s just too damn long.

Anyway. I’ve written my 500 words already today (and then some) so here’s a short little snippet!

Someone was saying something, but Zane couldn’t focus on the words, as another figure stepped through the door. Still no one noticed anything odd. At least this hallucination looked human. But she had bubble gum pink skin and hair a few shades lighter that looked as though it were made of cotton candy. She wore a, quite revealing, pale blue dress, the sleeves of which trailed behind her but gathered no dust. Making shooing motions with her hands, the kittens jumped as though they’d been shocked and ran out the door with sounds that seemed to Zane as a child’s laughter.

The girl’s face scrunched as she looked after them. “Damn Zynth.”

Zane’s eyes narrowed in confusion. “What did you say?”

The pink girl whirled around, yet her hair somehow managed to stay perfectly still. “Did you hear me?”

He nodded, his eyes darting back up to the three men who were actively hostile, now staring at him as though he’d lost his mind. Maybe he was. Zane looked back to the girl anyway. To his shock she was still there, head tilted to the side as she considered him.

“Come with me.” With a snap of her fingers, the three men fell to the ground, snoring, and his bonds dissolved into smoke.

There it is!

Keep Writing!


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