Shake the Bucket Wednesday

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So I’m hoping this to be a weekly thing…

There was a post a LONG time ago about how every writer (In my humble opinion) needs a “bucket” of sorts, in which to catch their ideas. Mind happens to be a notebook. (Actually multiple notebooks). It seems to be the most common.

Now, on Shake the Bucket Wednesday’s, I will post something in my bucket. Whether it be a title, a character, an idea, or simply a line of dialogue that I loved.

I hope to spark conversation about what it might be from/about/what story might come from it. Honestly, I don’t expect much (even though I just reached 50 followers #squee) as my blog is rather small, but I’m hoping it will grow and become more.

So, on this Shake the Bucket Wednesday I come bearing two titles, possibly related books.

Burned by Ice and The Frozen Flame

And that’s all. I am in LOVE with the titles, but as of yet they have no story or even characters to go with. Ideas?


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