Short Snippet (Not So) Sunday – TDtS 2

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I apparently forgot all about it being Sunday, yesterday.  *facepalm* Sorry about that!

Here’s a snippet from Taking Down the Stars.

“If he can see us, then… I must tell you. I was walking downtown when I felt something. It was like someone was holding the Source, but it wasn’t any Other. If he can see us, then…”

Violax stood, the chair scraping noisily on the floor as she pushed away from the table. “We need to find this other human. She is in danger unless we find her and teach her how to manage her power.”

Zane was slower in following, the two Ajaix were almost out the door before he’d stood up, and he had to run to catch up outside the cafe.

“What do you mean, power?” Zane asked when he’d finally caught up. “Do I have this power, too?”

Violax answered without slowing down or even looking at him. “Perhaps.”

“Perhaps? What does that mean?”

She sighed in exasperation. “It means that some gained access to the Source and some did not.”

Right now, this is the end of chapter one.  And I have a question for you all, does it make you want to keep reading?


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