Fan Fiction Vs Original Content

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Apologies for my recent silence.

Deaths in the family plus a personal sickness and no time off from work has left me… tired. Yet for two days this week, I’ve barely managed to sleep. So… fun times.

Anyway, today’s post is one I’ve been meaning to put up for awhile.

Fan Fiction vs Original Content

These are in no particular order, but I’ll list the pros and cons of both.

FanFiction Pros

– You are working within an already-defined space, with already-defined characters. No world-building or backstory is needed on your part. Most, if not all, should already be done.

– Beta-readers, should they be from the same fandom, will have more knowledge of the world and characters therein than someone reading a piece of completely original work from an unknown.

-With wiki’s and other fans, fact-checking is a simple matter of a trip to the internet.

FanFiction Cons

– Since you are working within already-defined spaces, any changes you make, big or small, are obvious.

– If you post your fic to be seen by others, changes must make sense to avoid a negative backlash.

– (This one’s more for reading than writing, but I have to mention it.) Self-Inserts. Ugh. Most don’t go well. Just… ugh.

Original Work Pros

– It’s all you. You can do whatever you like, write whatever you like. No restrictions.

– If people complain that they don’t like it, that’s their problem, not yours.

– Beta-readers (hell, all readers) will come with no pre-conceived notions about your story.

Original Work Cons

– It’s. All. You. There’s no world to build off of (unless you’re writing a second or third book in a series). There’s no pre-defined characters. You have to do all the word to bring the story alive.

– It can be hard finding someone to beta. Many people have different tastes and it could take some work to find someone to match up with yours.

I could probably come up with more, but I’ve delayed this post enough. I know this should be a snippet, since it’s Sunday, but I haven’t done much actual writing, mostly I’ve been beta’ing for a few Mass Effect Fics.

Will be working on my own writing more here on, I hope.

Keep Writing,


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