Short Snippet Sunday – Untitled – 1

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So this isn’t your typical short snippet Sunday. 

Yes, it’s Sunday. Yes, it’s short.

However, normally it’s from a project that I’ve at least mentioned once or twice on the blog or on twitter. Not so much, this time. This time, I picked up a notebook the other day and started writing. These are the first two paragraphs. Lemme know what you think. 

The sun set across the lake as it always did. The night bringing with it a hint of rain. Nothing new, spring rains were common. And yet that sunset heralded change. Change, in and of itself, is neither inherently good nor inherently bad, simply a matter of life. 


Shaylyn was just stepping out of the shower as a flash of light out front caught her eyes. It wasn’t lightning, yet it was accompanied by thunder. She paused in wringing out her hair as she blinked the afterimage away. As the first drops of rain pattered on the roof, she noticed a shape on her lawn that hadn’t been there before. Flicking on her porch light, Shaylyn squinted out into the rain. Was that… a man?


Heedless of the weather and the fact that she had only a towel wrapped around her, she rushed to his side.

Interesting? Complete and utter tripe? You decide. Drop a comment below and tell me your thoughts!

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