Shake the Bucket Wednesday – 5

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Hey guys!

Missed my Short Snippet Sunday this week, sorry! I’ve been scrambling to find a job, among other things.

Anyway, Shake the Bucket Wednesday is here again. Here we go.


Titles- The Fire in my Wings

Dance In(to) the Fire

The Ashes of Angels


Character- Alex(?)


As an infant, abandoned in swamp.

Fire-based powers (shocker, right?)


Motto: Destiny is Over-rated. (Kudos to a song for that, can’t remember which one.)


Destined to what?

Destroy the world? Save/Rule the world? Love royalty?


That was about it. I dunno where that idea is going to go, but I’m thinking Destinies play a big part into the world. Like… every child is given a destiny. You can hate it or try to avoid it, but it will always find you.


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