Developing your Idea

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From that first spark to the final full-blown idea. How do you get there?


Sure, you could sit by yourself in a corner and think. Or maybe you write out character arcs and plot arcs and pound out those ideas that way. But again, that’s a solitary thing. As writers, we are mostly solitary creatures, but sometimes, it helps to talk to someone.  But what if you don’t know any other writers off-hand, and your tweets aren’t getting any notice?


Maybe you go to a blog and get advice. (Hi guys!) But what if the blog doesn’t have the answers/help you’re looking for?


If you’re fleshing out a character, try the IAmAFiction subreddit. Basically, you type up what you know about your character/basics of what they are like, and the other people post questions to ask the character. These are first person from the view of the character.

Fleshing out a world? Or Scene? Or setting? Try the ExploreFiction subreddit. “A user posts a description of his world, and some of the things in it, living or otherwise.” Through the replies, others create characters and explore the world, making you think quickly on your feet and describe what exists in the setting.

There are a few others, but the umbrella subreddit is the Ficiverse subreddit. “Ficiverse is based around co-dependant writing development, which means, essentially working with a partner to create th best possible characters, stories, and universes!”


These are all run by the same moderators, and they are a group of amazing people and an amazing community.


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