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Okay, y’all might hate me for this.

But I’m starting work on another new novel. I know, I know. I can hear what you’re thinking- Another one? Yes. Another one.

This one I’m going to stick with and work on until it’s done. If you hear/see/know of me working on something else, send me a raging email or comment to get me back on track. I’ll probably need it. I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing again, obviously. So I’m setting aside an hour after work each day to work on it.

What is this book, you ask?

The working title is “Clockwork Justice.” It’s Steampunk genre. I’m in love with steampunk, love the technology. It’s almost like a blend of medieval (or Victorian-era) and science fiction, or at least in my mind.

The basis of the plot is, a city (for now just called “Clockwork City” or just “Clock City”) is completely walled in. They are self-sustaining (which some research is going to go into here soon) and have no contact with the outside world. But as they are controlled by four families, called the Nonpareil, no one questions it. They control even movement through the city. (Five rings, the outer ring being only accessible to the Four families and few others. The closer you get to the giant Clock in the center, the poorer the people that inhabit the ring.)

Basically, the plot is revolution. The characters, for their own reasons, dislike the way things are going. And they set about to changing that, but in a city so tightly controlled, it is hard. And there we have the start. Don’t ask me how it will end yet, as even if I knew I wouldn’t say. Still working on just what is outside the city as well. Because it’s not normal.

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