Free Writing – 1.31.16

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I’m bad at writing every day, I think we all know this to be true. But… well here’s today’s Free Writing.


Darkness closed in around her like it was a physical thing. Her movements turned sluggish and her thoughts refused to flow, sticking somewhere between their formation and execution. A tendril of it snaked its way through her pores and wrapped her heart and lungs in a vice until she felt as though she would simply pop from the pressure. No matter how she thrashed and flexed and fought, her hands and feet met no resistance. There was nothing to fight. 

Her screams of pain, anger, and pleading were all swallowed before they even made it to her own ears. There would be no help coming. Could she escape before-

Arms wrapped around her chest and suddenly she was thrust into waking. 

“Jesus, Caroline,” a breathless voice cursed in her ear. “When you said nightmares, I didn’t think you meant night terrors.” 

“S- Sorry.” Her knees curled instinctively to her chest as the arms released her. It took a moment, but eventually she realized where she was and who she was with. 

She could feel his gaze on her, but she didn’t look up, focusing on regulating her breathing and heart rate for the moment. 

“Sorry, Gerald,” she murmured again. “They’ve been getting… worse.” 

“Well,” he began with a sigh. “I’d be more worried if you had told me that that one was mild.” 

Caroline managed a dry chuckle, but there was no mirth there. 

“What- that is, if you don’t mind me asking- what do you see?” His voice had dropped and she shivered slightly, feeling a tendril of cold air on her exposed neck. 

“I don’t remember,” she lied in a hoarse whisper. “I don’t think I want to.” 

Finally, she raised her gaze and looked at him. If she knew him half as well as she thought… well, his gaze said he didn’t buy her lie in the slightest. But, thankfully, he didn’t press. 

“Go ahead and get some more sleep,” she muttered as she stood and stretched, eyeing the still darkened window. “I’ll finish the watch.”


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