Free Writing 2.7.16

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Alright, guys, normally when I start these, I have some idea of what the scene or characters or setting is going to look like. This time, however, I’ve got nada so this is going to be pure Stream of Conscious.


Shattered glass, streaking through the sky like diamonds. But no, that was the sky, and it was falling. Hurtling towards her and threatening to shred her to pieces. 

Daia hurtled out of bed with a gasp, hand reaching for a weapon she obviously wasn’t wearing. Her breath came in heaving gasps and sweat soaked her brow and back. What… what was that just now? It was no normal dream. It was… 

“You alright, Day?” 

She sneered. That voice. It always sounded as though he were hiding a laugh. At her expense. 

“Fine, Strait.” She forced herself straight, releasing the fist her hand was clenched into. 


Daia swallowed a biting comment about normal people respecting boundaries, and instead pushed past him towards the small en suite bathroom her room included. Luckily, when she turned the tap, the water came out in sputtering bursts. But it worked. Splashing her face with the lukewarm liquid helped very little, but at least Strait had left. 


Huh. Not sure who Day and Strait are, but I think they may be Shadow Runners.


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