Free Writing- 3.11.16

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Hey guys!

I know, I know. It’s been over a month since my last post (barring the book review I wrote yesterday. Speaking of which, go look at it, check out the book, it’s amazing.)


I was born on Xoatl- that’s pronounced Show-Tull- but I do not consider it home. I am a Wanderer, chosen to map the Fragments and categorize what I find on each; every language and people, every habitat and architecture, every magic and science. 

Chosen by whom?

I… no longer recall. It has been many a year since I started this journey and know only that I am nowhere near it’s end. It is a lonely existence sometimes, to be sure, but I do not hate it. Few remember me but in passing- such is the fate of a Wanderer- and I have met no others like me. It has crossed my mind a time or two to envy the friendships and relationships of mortals, but my purpose fulfills me.

But that is enough about me. No one cares about the Storyteller afterall, it is all about the story.


This was a bit of an exercise to figure out the narrator and voice for a Big Project I’ve been working on for about a month… It will not be written in first person, rather a Limited Third person- which is new for me. Normally I write in third person omniscient, giving looks and glimpses into the thoughts and feelings of the main POV characters.


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