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Outlining (Again!)

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So I finished my outline for the Mass Effect Big Bang, and…

Well the challenge is to write no less than a 3500 word fic. No problem.

My outline is 500 words long. That’s a bare bone’s outline. No more than the essentials. Also, I know exactly where my fic is going, so I won’t get lost. I think I may start outlining everything from now on.

Figured I’d keep you guys updated (I’m not sure how you’re avoiding the WordPress counter, but I know you’re out there!)



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Plotting is hard.

And now, for this Mass Effect Big Bang, they want a plan by the 24th, along with the 2,000 total words I need to have by that time.

I’m not too worried about the wordcount honestly, more worried about my story.

I know how it started (duh, I’ve already written it). I know how it ends (oh it’s going to be SO sad). I know a few things in the middle. But nothing more than that.

I just thank the Spirits that Azzy (one of the gals that runs the Big Bang) set up a beta for me who is willing to be a sound board. Hell yes!

But… I don’t know how to plot. I really don’t.

But, I can’t sleep, so might as well give it a shot, right?

Any tips or tricks you can offer, just drop a comment. Please?

Fan Fiction 2.0

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So I’m… Ankle deep in writing my fan fiction piece and I’m running into some problems.

I don’t know if any of the (admittedly few) people who read this blog write fan fiction, or would admit it if they do, but I’m fairly certain my issues may be common. Certainly so for beginner fan fic writers.

(For those of you who haven’t played the Mass Effect games, whether you play a female or male Shepard, the character is highly customizable, and a various number of actions and personalities can be developed throughout the games.)

Shepard is easy to write. She’s mine. (Though admittedly, I’m not sure what direction other than Paragon to take with her.) Thane, however, is being a bit of a problem.

He’s an established character and I’m nearly paralyzed with the fear of doing something that breaks the Canon so much that any actual fan of the games would be turned off by it.

I had a similar issue with the Seventh Sanctum Shorts characters because I had used the active Seventh Sanctum Forums at that time to get the characters who inhabit the forums. So they were, in effect, other people’s persona’s. I was so afraid of doing something wrong that I set the whole project aside. Now, though, that I don’t even know how to get into contact with any of the people (except for one and I’m not sure he’d remember me orĀ the project), I’m more at ease taking the characters and making them my own

This is not an option, though, because these characters Thane, and any other established characters I pull from the games, will not fade from memory. At least not any time soon.

I keep writing, because I have deadlines to meet, but I was wondering, has anyone else had this problem?

How did you over come it?