Free Writing 1.20.16

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A little explanation first.

And a greetings.

I’m back to writing, and this time I’m going to try to keep up with my blog posts, but I make no promises. As the more I learn about the craft, the more I realize, I don’t have advice to give.

But anyway. As an exercise before I begin my writing each day (with a goal of 5k words a week I WILL be writing nearly every day) I will spend 15 minutes free writing. Writing almost stream of conscious. Though, I don’t know if any of my writing could ever be TRULY stream of conscious, as I edit it in the space of time it takes to get from my head to my fingers. But, such is life.

When she spoke, it was as though her she were removed from the situation; as though nothing that was happening affected her in the slightest. There was no emotion, no feeling, no soul in her voice. As Ja’ahrek kneeled  in front of her and peered into her face, he found it to mirror her voice. A blank expression matched her blank voice and vacant eyes stared through him sightlessly. 

Grasping her arm, she still did not move. Not to shake him off, not to meet or avoid his gaze. This was not the Ma’arina he knew. For the first time in many years- too many to count- Ja’ahrek felt fear; the good and proper kind that raised his flesh in bumps as the chill of it worked it’s way down his spine. 

“Jinelle,” his voice cracked slightly and he had to clear his throat before he could speak without wavering. “Take that thing off of her.” 

The woman with him snapped a smart salute and, letting her rifle hang loose on it’s shoulder strap, she stepped closer to the still woman and reached for the amulet that still gave off it’s even, blue glow. The snap of breaking bone and flesh echoed through the small chamber and it took a moment for Ja’ahrek to put together what had happened. Ma’arina, moving so quickly that neither soldier had time to react, had broken Jinelle’s arm before her fingers made it within a foot of the amulet. 

True to her training, however, Jinelle didn’t make a single sound of pain even as she cradled the broken arm to her chest. 


As the word came to his lips unbidden, Jinelle raised an eyebrow. Come to think of it, he’d never cursed in her presence, had he? No, of course not. Since they’d met he’d been in the position of her superior. He ignored her look and stepped closer. At his gesture she proffered her arm. Though she still made no sound of pain, he saw the wince that she tried to hide.

Scowling, he examined the limb without touching it. It appeared to be broken at the midway point between the wrist and the elbow. Though blood obscured much of the skin, he could see the end of a pale bone peering from the flesh and he had to force down bile. 


Well that’s my time, and I think I may have to continue this little piece tomorrow. I’m intrigued.



Shake The Bucket Wednesday – 4

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(Is it sad that for every numbered post I have to go back and look at what number I’m on? No? Oh, good!)

So let’s shake the bucket and see what falls out, eh?

For those of you who don’t know, there was a post a LONG time ago about how every writer (In my humble opinion) needs a “bucket” of sorts, in which to catch their ideas. Mine happens to be a notebook. (Actually multiple notebooks and a file or three on my computer). It seems to be the most common.

Now, on Shake the Bucket Wednesday’s, I will post something in my bucket. Whether it be a title, a character, an idea, or simply a line of dialogue that I loved.

WArning: This post will be rather long, because this idea had been bouncing around in my head for sometime and has developed rather nicely.

It’s a trilogy. The titles came from the NaNoWriMo Adoptables threads, because they’re super helpful and super amazing. In order, they are,

Once Upon a Post-Apocalypse

First To Die; Last to Fall

And All The World Will Turn To Ash

If you can’t tell, they’re zombie novels. However, I’m aiming for more “non-traditional”. Non-traditional zombies, first and foremost.

How are they non-traditional? Well, the dead stay dead. They don’t rise again. Only the living are affected/infected. Also, I’ve read/seen a plethora of movies/shows/books that don’t tell you how it all began. I don’t like that. World War Z (the movie, mind, I haven’t gotten around to getting the book yet) was, to me, a good movie. They got this close to telling you how it began, but never did. And that irritated me to no end. So in these novels, you will find out exactly how it began.

Also, a bit of non-traditional story telling. My novels don’t happen in chronological order. Once Upon a Post-Apocalypse starts in media res. In the middle of the action. First to Die; Last to Fall goes back to the very beginning. The moment that sparked the apocalypse. And All the World Will Turn to Ash picks up ostensibly where the first left off.

The setting is also a little different for most zombie novels/movies/television series. It takes place in the future. Mankind has spread to the stars. It takes place on a tiny colony. Not earth. I chose this, really mainly because I freeze whenever it comes to placing anything in a “real” place, but it has since become an integral part of the plot. Much of book three couldn’t happen if it took place on Earth.

The Main Character.

She isn’t one you would normally thing to be a survivor in a zombie apocalypse. Zelinia Llamas is her name. (Just a moment while I dig out that notebook.) Female, obviously. 27. (insert physical description you don’t really care about right now) She’s a high-school drop out. A painter. Her name and art are well known across many colonies, and back on Earth. She was here for a gallery opening. Likes wearing heels and high waisted pencil-skirts.

Not your typical zombie-survivalist, huh?

What I love most about her is her personality. She’s sassy and stubborn. With a sharp wit and biting sarcasm. She’s going to be a fun character to write.

I actually have the very beginning written down, and I think I may have posted it as a Short Snippet a while back. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t. But it was a part of a word count update here. So there’s that.

I think that’s a long enough post, especially for a Shake of the Bucket. Let me know your thoughts!

Keep Writing


Shake the Bucket Wednesday – 3

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Two posts for one, today! Because I forgot that it’s Wednesday.

These are not really from my usual “bucket.” Instead from a file on my computer just called “Titles.” 

Ladies and gentlemen, that file is four pages long. I have used only one of those titles. And it keeps getting longer, but I digress. 

Today we’ll be discussing an idea I had two years ago during christmas time and the titles that came later. 

The titles are as follows. 

The Old King is Dead

Long Live the King

I’ve also toyed with the idea of maybe a short novella taking place between them (or during the time of the first one but from another character’s POV) titled Anarchy.

Anyway, the idea came, as I said, during Christmas time. You know what Christmas is like if you work retail. They begin playing horrible horrible Christmas music a month or two in advance, and it’s the same twelve songs over, and over, and over again. 

Well, after about a week or two of hearing the same songs, a thought came to me when I heard ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’ for the thousandth time. 

It was around the lines

“Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king,
do you know what I know
In your palace warm, mighty king,”

Well, my thought was, ‘What king, in his right mind, would take the word of some random child?’

Of course, when I had the idea for the titles, the idea changed drastically. 

The idea now is, a child who is somewhat prophetic comes in. As he’s seen a prophecy. Concerning the king. The King has an illegitimate child, a son. The child warns him that basically, the son is a threat to his reign, and if he does not recognize the son then he will be the King’s downfall.

What comes from that would be book one, until (possibly at the end) the king is killed. Not sure by whom, maybe the son?

Anyway, Long Live the King would be the son, taking the throne and all that.

Anarchy, I think, would focus on the child. Where he goes, what he does, etc.

Anyways, that’s it for this Wednesday!

Keep Writing,


Shake the Bucket Wednesday – 2

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Almost forgot!

It’s Wednesday.

So let’s shake the bucket and see what falls out, eh?

Oooh. This one’s an old idea that I’ve never done anything with.

It’s based off of the saying “No good deed goes unpunished.”

The title I had in mind was No Good Deed. (Genius, no?)

Basically, as it’s written in my “bucket”, “A chain of good/nice events leads to something terrible. (War/Disease/etc.)”

And that was it.

Sound interesting? Boring? Been there, seen that? Feedback welcome, and, as always, the idea is up for grabs whether I end up doing something with it or not.

And as always,
Keep writing!

Shake the Bucket Wednesday

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So I’m hoping this to be a weekly thing…

There was a post a LONG time ago about how every writer (In my humble opinion) needs a “bucket” of sorts, in which to catch their ideas. Mind happens to be a notebook. (Actually multiple notebooks). It seems to be the most common.

Now, on Shake the Bucket Wednesday’s, I will post something in my bucket. Whether it be a title, a character, an idea, or simply a line of dialogue that I loved.

I hope to spark conversation about what it might be from/about/what story might come from it. Honestly, I don’t expect much (even though I just reached 50 followers #squee) as my blog is rather small, but I’m hoping it will grow and become more.

So, on this Shake the Bucket Wednesday I come bearing two titles, possibly related books.

Burned by Ice and The Frozen Flame

And that’s all. I am in LOVE with the titles, but as of yet they have no story or even characters to go with. Ideas?

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

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Messy_Paper(Disclaimer: Despite the title, this is not a Pokemon inspired or related post.)

Anyone who has written or done anything artistic seriously for any amount of time should know this. Ideas can come from anywhere at any time. Dreams, songs, bits of conversation, even seemingly from nowhere.

The problem is, how do we catch those ideas?

Someone, I think it was Brandon Sanderson, called it an ideas bucket. I have two general notebooks, one sits in the bag I always carry and the other is a small one that fits in my back pocket.

I have only recently started using the small one again and now I can’t live without it. Early on, when I first started carrying it, I used to think that I got no ideas while doing so. However, I started getting ideas from everywhere and, tired of writing on my hands all the time, I started carrying it again.

The bigger notebook is to ‘think out’ my ideas and write up some blog posts (like this one) at work. With more space, I can sit down and examine my ideas in more depth. I always use lined notebooks as I thin more in words than in pictures, though many times when thinking quickly and in a non-linear fashion, I write diagonally across the lines, and occasionally there is an image or two while thinking out scenes.

My point is, you have to have somewhere to keep your ideas. There is no way you can keep them all separated in your mind, so what do you use?