Short Snippet Sunday – Untitled – 1

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So this isn’t your typical short snippet Sunday. 

Yes, it’s Sunday. Yes, it’s short.

However, normally it’s from a project that I’ve at least mentioned once or twice on the blog or on twitter. Not so much, this time. This time, I picked up a notebook the other day and started writing. These are the first two paragraphs. Lemme know what you think. 

The sun set across the lake as it always did. The night bringing with it a hint of rain. Nothing new, spring rains were common. And yet that sunset heralded change. Change, in and of itself, is neither inherently good nor inherently bad, simply a matter of life. 


Shaylyn was just stepping out of the shower as a flash of light out front caught her eyes. It wasn’t lightning, yet it was accompanied by thunder. She paused in wringing out her hair as she blinked the afterimage away. As the first drops of rain pattered on the roof, she noticed a shape on her lawn that hadn’t been there before. Flicking on her porch light, Shaylyn squinted out into the rain. Was that… a man?


Heedless of the weather and the fact that she had only a towel wrapped around her, she rushed to his side.

Interesting? Complete and utter tripe? You decide. Drop a comment below and tell me your thoughts!

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Short Snippet Sunday – Plotting – 1

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As I’m still in the midst of planning Blame the Moon, I don’t really have any prose to give you. 

However, I think I can pull something from my planning notebook that shouldn’t spoil things. 


Aha! That’ll work. A bit about the Main Character. 

Name: Theron Alswaith Age: 24

First born son of a minor noble of Thiralia. 

Mother deceased, two younger brothers. Caryd, age 20. Samon age 18


That’s what backstory I have for him. 

Keep Writing,


Short Snippet Sunday – TDtS 1

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Shortening the title of the book in the post title cuz it’s just too damn long.

Anyway. I’ve written my 500 words already today (and then some) so here’s a short little snippet!

Someone was saying something, but Zane couldn’t focus on the words, as another figure stepped through the door. Still no one noticed anything odd. At least this hallucination looked human. But she had bubble gum pink skin and hair a few shades lighter that looked as though it were made of cotton candy. She wore a, quite revealing, pale blue dress, the sleeves of which trailed behind her but gathered no dust. Making shooing motions with her hands, the kittens jumped as though they’d been shocked and ran out the door with sounds that seemed to Zane as a child’s laughter.

The girl’s face scrunched as she looked after them. “Damn Zynth.”

Zane’s eyes narrowed in confusion. “What did you say?”

The pink girl whirled around, yet her hair somehow managed to stay perfectly still. “Did you hear me?”

He nodded, his eyes darting back up to the three men who were actively hostile, now staring at him as though he’d lost his mind. Maybe he was. Zane looked back to the girl anyway. To his shock she was still there, head tilted to the side as she considered him.

“Come with me.” With a snap of her fingers, the three men fell to the ground, snoring, and his bonds dissolved into smoke.

There it is!

Keep Writing!

Short Snippet Sunday – Shadows Fall – 2

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My self control is great today! Managed to get this post up before passing out in bed. Go me!

In case y’all haven’t noticed, I added links to my Twitter, e-mail, and my Facebook author page. You should follow me, “like” me and can email me anything. If I like it enough, I may even post it on my blog. If I get some writing/book related questions, I will probably do a FAQ page as well as answer them in a blog post! I look forward to hearing more from you guys. Spread the word! *ahem*

Twitch, Crow and she took a sling each and the knife she shoved through her belt. It wasn’t easy to hunt with stones from slings, but no one had managed any success in making a bow yet. They made due. In no time at all, they had bagged three squirrels and a bird that Crow had caught on a lucky throw. Spotting the nest a little ways away, Sparrow quickly scaled the tree and liberated the three eggs there.

“You should be ashamed, Crow. Killing family like that,” Twitch gave him a friendly nudge with his bare foot.

It’s not much, but it’s a glimpse into what their “normal” routine would be before it all goes to hell. I actually spend a lot more time developing that in Shadows Fall than I do in The Forsaken. The first three scenes in Shadows Fall are normal, then in the last scene shit goes down. But in The Forsaken shit happens right away. You get half a scene of “normal”.

Do you prefer a quick start to the conflict, or more drawn out when reading?

Short Snippet Sunday – Shadows Fall – 1

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Hey all!

Two posts in a row, look at me go!

I’m also starting in on editing proper and it’s not that scary at all! It’s a little daunting though, with how much is changing and being removed, but a lot is also being added. Maybe it’ll resemble a proper book when it’s done!

Anyway, this weeks snippet is from Shadows Fall  which WAS going to be my JulNoWriMo novel, and as such would be almost done if it weren’t for me finding an editor and getting a deadline for editing, but what can you do?


Around the sun’s zenith, someone took up a song; it was a song all knew by heart, whether they had been taught it or not. Gerald sung as loud as anyone, his voice surprisingly strong.

The drums of war are sounding the beat

to which we march our aching feet.

The hounds of hell are nipping our heels

waiting to rip us if we should fall.

We march for our wives

We fight for our daughters

Awaiting the day that He shall arrive

A fire bird rising from ashes

Who knows what horrors we shall find

But we cannot back down, we will never survive

Awaiting the day that He shall arrive

Our savior shall rise from the shadows.

He will deliver us from this darkness

but this cannot happen without a price.

From death and war he shall be forged

For peace and love will he fight.

Don’t critique too hard the poem/song. It was written while under the duress of a WriMo, remember.

Short Snippet Sunday (Sort of)

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So this isn’t really a Short Snippet Sunday.

But at the same time it is because it’s a tantalizing look into a soon to be work in progress…

I have a piece of a first draft of this one, but so much has changed in the story that that beginning and most of a middle, has to be scrapped. So basically I’m starting mostly from scratch though certain characters are remaining.

Anyway, the working title for this one is Shadows and Lies.

This is…. like three sentences I think, but it sums up the way my antagonist acts rather well, I think. It’s only a bit of dialogue.

“There are bones in every closet, you know. Sometimes, though, just sometimes, there’s an entire skeleton. Do your friends know about yours, I wonder?”

Yeah. That’s it.

For reference, in case I have mentioned it before and you pay that much attention to what I say, this one’s title used to be Time for Change.

Short Snippet Sunday – Mortality (3)

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Sorry for my silence this week! Been fairly busy and/or tired all week. Work is killing me for some reason. Anyway! This week’s snippet.

A recently rewritten scene in the beginning. Hope you enjoy.

“Why have we stopped?”
Damon suppressed a sigh. “Nicholai.”
“Why have we stopped?”
Turning to face the blond-headed vampire, Damon gave into the sigh. “We have stopped because Alucard placed me in charge and I said to stop.”
Damon could imagine the sound of Nicholai’s teeth grinding. “Wh-”
“Before you ask again,” Damon began slowly, as if explaining to a child, “We have stopped because we do not wish to appear aggressive. The Elves who protect the boy must make the first move.”