Short Snippet Sunday – Shadows Fall – 2

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My self control is great today! Managed to get this post up before passing out in bed. Go me!

In case y’all haven’t noticed, I added links to my Twitter, e-mail, and my Facebook author page. You should follow me, “like” me and can email me anything. If I like it enough, I may even post it on my blog. If I get some writing/book related questions, I will probably do a FAQ page as well as answer them in a blog post! I look forward to hearing more from you guys. Spread the word! *ahem*

Twitch, Crow and she took a sling each and the knife she shoved through her belt. It wasn’t easy to hunt with stones from slings, but no one had managed any success in making a bow yet. They made due. In no time at all, they had bagged three squirrels and a bird that Crow had caught on a lucky throw. Spotting the nest a little ways away, Sparrow quickly scaled the tree and liberated the three eggs there.

“You should be ashamed, Crow. Killing family like that,” Twitch gave him a friendly nudge with his bare foot.

It’s not much, but it’s a glimpse into what their “normal” routine would be before it all goes to hell. I actually spend a lot more time developing that in Shadows Fall than I do in The Forsaken. The first three scenes in Shadows Fall are normal, then in the last scene shit goes down. But in The Forsaken shit happens right away. You get half a scene of “normal”.

Do you prefer a quick start to the conflict, or more drawn out when reading?


Your not-so-regular-update

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Hey guys!

I don’t really have a writing post today, I just wanted to get up on my soap-box and announce some upcoming happenings. Also some things that have already happened that you may or may not have noticed.

1. I added another page. At my WIP page, you can keep up with where I’m at with The Forsaken at the moment.

2. You guys remember awhile back, when K.R. Green and I did that interview with S.M. Boyce? I don’t blame you if you don’t. That was awhile ago. Well K.R. and I finally got off our arses and those posts are planned for August. Yes, that was posts plural. There are multiple of them. I will keep you in the loop.

3. You may or may not recognize the title The Forsaken K.R. Green commented a few posts back when I asked for other F-words for Cursed. Well that’s what she came up with and I LOVE it. Thank you SO much girl!

4. I’m also taking part in a blog hop in August. My post is a book review set to go live on the 25 of August and I will be reviewing an entire series of books! Look forward to that!

I’m losing some steam on posting, as you all may have noticed, but I am REALLY trying to get back into posting regularly. Sunday’s will probably always be Short Snippets. But do you guys have anything you would like to see on the site? Perhaps a series of posts (I would need some ideas), a single post, or perhaps a weekly thing like Sundays?

Leave any suggestions in the comments below!