Short Snippet Sunday (Sort of)

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So this isn’t really a Short Snippet Sunday.

But at the same time it is because it’s a tantalizing look into a soon to be work in progress…

I have a piece of a first draft of this one, but so much has changed in the story that that beginning and most of a middle, has to be scrapped. So basically I’m starting mostly from scratch though certain characters are remaining.

Anyway, the working title for this one is Shadows and Lies.

This is…. like three sentences I think, but it sums up the way my antagonist acts rather well, I think. It’s only a bit of dialogue.

“There are bones in every closet, you know. Sometimes, though, just sometimes, there’s an entire skeleton. Do your friends know about yours, I wonder?”

Yeah. That’s it.

For reference, in case I have mentioned it before and you pay that much attention to what I say, this one’s title used to be Time for Change.