Big Changes

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Okay, so I hinted at this on Twitter practically a month ago, but I’ve been putting off the blog post for God only knows why. Seriously, I don’t know. But here it is.

Mortality is no longer titled Mortality. It’s called The Cursed. 

I still plan on the trilogy being called the Mortality Trilogy, but book one can’t be Mortality. It’s for one simple reason. Starting with Mortality I had no naming convention for books 2 and 3. With The Cursed, book 2 is The Forgotten and book 3 is The Fallen. If any of you come up with a F-word that goes along what ‘cursed’ means, go ahead and throw it in the comments and I’ll take it into consideration for a different title for book one. It would be awesome, but I’m coming up blank.

Oh yes, and Shadows and Lies is also being retitled. It’s now called Shadows Fall. It flows and sounds a lot better than Shadows and Lies though I don’t have books 2 and 3 or that trilogy titled, yet. I’ll keep you in the loop.