Shake the Bucket Wednesday – 5

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Hey guys!

Missed my Short Snippet Sunday this week, sorry! I’ve been scrambling to find a job, among other things.

Anyway, Shake the Bucket Wednesday is here again. Here we go.


Titles- The Fire in my Wings

Dance In(to) the Fire

The Ashes of Angels


Character- Alex(?)


As an infant, abandoned in swamp.

Fire-based powers (shocker, right?)


Motto: Destiny is Over-rated. (Kudos to a song for that, can’t remember which one.)


Destined to what?

Destroy the world? Save/Rule the world? Love royalty?


That was about it. I dunno where that idea is going to go, but I’m thinking Destinies play a big part into the world. Like… every child is given a destiny. You can hate it or try to avoid it, but it will always find you.


Shake the Bucket Wednesday – 3

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Two posts for one, today! Because I forgot that it’s Wednesday.

These are not really from my usual “bucket.” Instead from a file on my computer just called “Titles.” 

Ladies and gentlemen, that file is four pages long. I have used only one of those titles. And it keeps getting longer, but I digress. 

Today we’ll be discussing an idea I had two years ago during christmas time and the titles that came later. 

The titles are as follows. 

The Old King is Dead

Long Live the King

I’ve also toyed with the idea of maybe a short novella taking place between them (or during the time of the first one but from another character’s POV) titled Anarchy.

Anyway, the idea came, as I said, during Christmas time. You know what Christmas is like if you work retail. They begin playing horrible horrible Christmas music a month or two in advance, and it’s the same twelve songs over, and over, and over again. 

Well, after about a week or two of hearing the same songs, a thought came to me when I heard ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’ for the thousandth time. 

It was around the lines

“Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king,
do you know what I know
In your palace warm, mighty king,”

Well, my thought was, ‘What king, in his right mind, would take the word of some random child?’

Of course, when I had the idea for the titles, the idea changed drastically. 

The idea now is, a child who is somewhat prophetic comes in. As he’s seen a prophecy. Concerning the king. The King has an illegitimate child, a son. The child warns him that basically, the son is a threat to his reign, and if he does not recognize the son then he will be the King’s downfall.

What comes from that would be book one, until (possibly at the end) the king is killed. Not sure by whom, maybe the son?

Anyway, Long Live the King would be the son, taking the throne and all that.

Anarchy, I think, would focus on the child. Where he goes, what he does, etc.

Anyways, that’s it for this Wednesday!

Keep Writing,