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Making Writing a Habit

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Scrn.Shot.HabitIf you click on that little thumbnail to the left, you will see how I am starting to make writing a habit. Yes, I’m cheating by using a program online. But, just holding myself accountable, or having you guys hold me accountable, just isn’t working. (Partly because there’s not enough of you that care.)

This is only day two of my using HabitRPG, but let me tell you this, it’s working. I set my writing goals small for now. 250 words a day for my personal writing, and if you look under the “Dailies” there’s one that says “Write 100 words exactly.” That one is a challenge set by someone else. And rewards will be given out to the winner. I’m not sure what that reward is, I’d have to go back and look. Also, I’m making that 100 words and 250 words completely separate. 

At the top of the screen are two bars, one red, and one a yellow-ish orange. The red is your “health.” If you don’t complete a daily, or you get a negative (Yes, it can also be used to break bad habits,) that goes down. I’m not sure yet what happens when it gets to zero, and I hope I never do. The second bar is your “experience.” You gain experience by completing that tasks that you set for yourself. How many points depends upon how difficult it is. Most of mine at the moment are set to “easy” because they’re not that hard. A couple are set to “medium” and only two right now (The plotting ones) are set to “hard.” 

Ooh. And the rewards. On the right hand side, you’ll see that I have “New Episode of Doctor Who” and the date it comes out. Well, in order to watch that, I must have gained 10 gold. You get gold along with experience for completing tasks.

Anyway. That’s how I am making writing a habit. How are you going to make it a habit?

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Words Written on July 22, 2014

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So, I don’t really have a number of words to recount. (Unless I pull out my notebook and hand count them, which I don’t feel like doing.)

However, I did write out about eight pages of planning for my next Mass Effect Fanfiction.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any planning for Taking Down the Stars done.

Words Written on July 14, 2014

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Woo Hoo! I beat my word count for the second day in a row with 626 words written.

A bit of a hairy situation I introduced the Female Main Character Kailin with, too.


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Words Written on July 13, 2014

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Let’s see.

Pardon me a moment while I do a word count on my document to find out exactly how many words I wrote yesterday.


That would be 679 words!

I made my 500 a day word count goals!

Also, tomorrow is my posting date for the Mass Effect Big Bang! The artwork, by the way, is AMAZING!


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Words Written on July 12, 2014

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According to Google Docuements’ word counter, I wrote 164 words yesterday.

While not the 500 I am aiming for a day, it’s something, right? And that’s what counts.

I don’t have much else to say aside from that. Except for this. I’m bringing back Short Snippet Sunday. And you can expect one shortly after I get some more words down on the page. (As I have an amazing idea that would make a good snippet, but it’s not written yet.)

Keep writing!

Word Count for July 10, 2014

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Unfortunately, I got absolutely zero words written yesterday, due to sleep.

I had gotten no sleep on the 9th and after I got off of work at seven AM yesterday I went straight to bed.

*shame face*

So instead of a number, here’s a short little excerpt from Once Upon a Post-Apocalypse.

The very first excerpt actually.

“I’ll put a gun to your head and pull the fucking trigger.” Pressing her thumb against the foil, she removed a piece of gum from the pack and popped it in her mouth.

“What’s that?”

She met the gaze of her salt-and-pepper haired companion. “Nicotine gum. Bad time to be smokin’ cigarettes. Not only because they were cleared out of every damn station.”

Pulling her handgun from it’s holster, she checked that it was loaded.

“Three,” the old man muttered.

“What was that?”

“That’s the third time you’ve checked your gun in the last ten minutes.”

Brushing a strand of shoulder-length brown hair out of her face, she blinked green eyes once. “What’d you say your name was?”

“Quinten. Quinten Reede.” He brushed his hands together to remove the dust from kneeling on the ground. Straightening the sleeves of his once-fine suit, he stood. “And yours?”

She stretched her legs in front of her, pulling her jacket closer around her. “Zelinia.”

Quinten grunted once as he nodded.

“So what were you? Before?” She returned his questioning gaze with a blank stare. “You might as well get comfortable. No chance I’m moving on unless I have to.”

Words written on July 9, 2014

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This is my daily word count for Wednesday July 9, 2014.

These will be posted the day after (Normally in the morning sometimes between 7 and 8 am Central Standard Time) simply because I am at work at midnight and I can’t prewrite these posts as the number is always changing. (And could be added to while at work)

The words written for July 9 total up to 595.

It doesn’t seem like much, but they went a LONG way to getting me out of my “funk” as I have so dubbed it.