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Words Written on July 16, 2014

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Sorry guys, no words written yesterday.

But that’s not to say I didn’t do anything!

I had a new idea for another Mass Effect Fan Fiction. So I’ve been trying to get that straight in my head. Plotting, what I’m changing from the games and so forth. Also, I’ve been talking to a couple other writerly people and trying to start working on some sort of a plot for Taking Down the Stars.

So, no words written, but work is being done. That counts for something, right?


Words Written on July 15, 2014

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Woop Woop!

Three days in a row, made my goal.

556 words written yesterday!

Here’s a short snippet, just because.

“I am an Ajaix.” The pink woman explained. “There are three different… kinds of us I suppose you could say. Ajaix, Zynth, and Lazit. The Zynth cause chaos. That’s what they do, that’s what they like, and that’s what we Ajaix stop. Most of the time. Sometimes we stop you humans from killing each other. At least for idiotic reasons.”

Words Written for July 11, 2014

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*shame face*

Yet again, I produced no words. And it pains me to say it, merely because I’m reporting to you all daily.


You must all make me a promise. You see that e-mail button there at the top right hand side?

If I ever go a day without a report, use it. Yell at me. Badger me. Beg, plead, and force me to continue doing so unless I have a valid excuse. Also, if I go three days with no words written. Send me encouragement. I need it.

So, I’ll end this with an announcement. Until further notice, I am no longer participating in WriMo’s of any kind. This may change in the far future, but for now. No more. I will write, and will aim for five hundred words a day, but I’m burned out of WriMo’s. Even if I only do two a year.

If you want an explanation, here it is. (If not, keep writing!)

WriMo’s tend to get people into a mindset of “This is the only time I should write.” And that’s not true. I, myself, have fallen to that mindset, putting my writing off until WriMo time.

However, I will still be active on the JulNo forums (cheyenne.r.trumbo is my username there) and the NaNo forums (Pardon me while I go figure out what that username is. Oh look, it’s C.R. Trumbo) during their respective times of the year. You can add me on either or both site and I will be your buddy!

And I believe this post has gone on long enough.

Keep Writing!